1.1 In these terms and conditions reference client is reference to the payer.

1.2 In consideration to payment by the client of the Joining Fee and Monthly membership fee, the mechanic agrees to provide the client mechanical services for the membership type set out in this Agreement, details of which are contained in the corresponding literature (Membership Benefits) The services are to be provided by the mechanic or a qualified member of his/her staff.

1.3 The client agrees to pay for all repairs carried out by the mechanic (other than membership benefits). The mechanic will be able to provide clients with the fee per item costs of repairs at any time. Please not the mechanic may increase charges on the fee per item list at any time. Any repairs commenced before the increase will be charged at the original discounted price


2.1 The fees set out in this agreement will be payable by Direct Debit Request to McCoy St Autos (or its nominee or assignee) who collect fees on behalf of the Mechanic. The client must pay the monthly membership fee until this agreement is terminated.

2.2 If the client fails to pay a monthly membership fee, the client authorises McCoy St Autos to present a further debit for payment in 5 business days notwithstanding that this may exceed the maximum stated in the Direct Debit Request. We may ask you to reimburse us for any charges we incur as a result of your Direct Debit being unpaid. If the client defaults on two successive payments, this agreement will be terminated in accordance with condition 5.3

2.3 A minimum of 6mths from the contract start date is required to take advantage of free servicing.

2.4 Towing option includes towing the nominated vehicle within 20km of Unit 6/68 McCoy St Myaree. Towing is charged at $3.00/km there after

2.5 Membership applies to one vehicle only with the registration plate for said vehicle referenced on the membership card. Membership is non transferable unless in writing from the client to the mechanic.


3.1 The Client shall (in addition to paying the membership fees)

a) Attend the mechanic for routine servicing 10,000km or 6mths. Unless otherwise specified.
b) Accept advise and recommendations from the mechanic in respect to work which safeguards the reliability of their vehicle.
c) Inform the mechanic of any faults or other relevant matter affecting the vehicle.

3.2 All appointments made by the client require 24hrs notice of cancelation or a cancelation fee may be applied


4.1 The mechanic may change the membership type at any time. This may result in a change to the monthly membership fee.

4.2 Except where condition 4.1 applies the mechanic may increase the Monthly Membership fee every July and will give 2 months notice of such increases (if applicable). The mechanic reserves the right to amend the terms of the Clients membership as set out in this agreement by providing at least 2mths notice of any such change.

4.3 It is essential that up to date contact information is provided by the Client where relevant, to ensure all future correspondence relating to the membership is received.


5.1 Membership will continue unless terminated in accordance with this agreement.

5.2 The client may cancel this agreement by contacting McCoy St Autos within the cancelation period, which is 14 days from the conclusion of this agreement. Thereafter, the client may terminate this agreement by giving not less than one months notice to the mechanic. The mechanic may terminate this agreement be giving to the client not less than one months notice.

5.3 The mechanic can immediately terminate this agreement at any time, in the following circumstance

a) the clients monthly fee is not paid to the mechanic
b) The client fails to pay the mechanic for any mechanical repairs (in addition to the membership benefits) and
c) The mechanic refuses on reasonable grounds repairs for the client

5.4 On termination of the Membership all benefits and discounts afforded you become null and void and you will be liable for all monies outstanding less and fees paid.


6 All notices given under the provisions of this agreement must be in writing and sent to the last known address of the client and mechanic.

7 We will provide the client with at least 14 days prior notice in writing if we propose to vary any of the terms of the debit arrangement in place between the client and mechanic

8 The client will need to give the mechanic at least 10 working days notice in writing if the client wishes to defer or alter any of the debit arrangements.

9 Some financial institution accounts do not facilitate direct debits. If you are uncertain, you should contact your financial institution before signing the direct debit request, to ensure that your nominated account is able to receive direct debits through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System.

10 Before completing the Direct Debit Request, you should check details of you nominated account against a recent statement from your financial institution, to ensure account details are correct.

11 You agree that it is your responsibility to have sufficient cleared funds in you nominated account by the due date to enable payment of Debit items in accordance with the Direct Debit Request

12 McCoy St Autos will initiate items on the due date stated in the Direct Debit Request or as otherwise agreed between both parties in writing. If the due date for payment falls on a day which is not a business day in Queensland, then a Debit Item will be processed on the next business day.

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