Logbook Servicing

The warranty that comes with a new car offers a great deal of financial protection against certain unexpected problems with your new vehicle. To maintain your vehicle's warranty, it's often required to have your vehicle checked out by a reputable mechanic. While many automotive dealerships will try to convince you these logbook services must be done by the dealer's own workshop, you can choose to save the added hassle and expense of returning to the dealership by bringing your car to us instead!

At McCoy St Auto Repairs we can provide logbook servicing on all makes and models of petrol and diesel vehicles, from passenger cars to light commercial vans and utes, as well as 4WDs. We'll detect any developing problems with your vehicle, advise on repairs, and maintain your vehicle's warranty.

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Buying a used car can be more difficult than you originally think. Once you've decided you like an advertised vehicle enough to pay for it, there's still the possibility there's something lurking underneath the bonnet that the seller either doesn't know or doesn't care to tell you about. What might seem like a great deal at first can sometimes come with hidden repair expenses that become your problem after the sale.

Organise for your potential new car to come to McCoy St Auto Repairs first, for a comprehensive pre-purchase check. We'll examine all of your vehicle's essential features for faults or developing problems, and let you know exactly what you're buying, so you can get that second hand car with confidence.

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Brake Repairs

Properly functioning brakes are essential to safe driving, but undergo more than their fair share of natural wear and tear, especially given the stop-and-start nature of driving in a city. Worn brake components can affect your vehicle's ability to stop in an emergency, making your vehicle a hazard to those around you on the road.

McCoy St Auto Repairs provides a number of services to get your brakes back in working condition, from replacing worn components like brake pads, rotors and drums to machining new parts especially for your vehicle, or restoration of existing brake parts to get that extra bit of life from them. We can also check your brake hoses for leaks, ensuring your brakes have the pressure required to work properly.

If you think there may be a problem with your vehicle's brakes, give us a call today and organise a vehicle inspection!

Steering and Suspension

Many ride comfort and handling issues can be traced back to problems with your vehicle's suspension or steering. Slack suspension can result in body roll when going through corners, or even damage to your vehicle's undercarriage, and faults in your power steering system can result in 'play' in the steering wheel and other handling problems.

Our team at McCoy St Auto Repairs can service your vehicle's suspension system, replacing key worn components such as car springs, shock absorbers and bushings, to restore smoothness and comfort behind the wheel to your driving experience. We can also improve your vehicle's handling with a service of your power steering system.

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Your exhaust is essential to clearing spent engine fumes out of the engine bay quickly, allowing for healthier engine performance, as well as keeping fumes from seeping into the cabin and affecting your ride comfort. Any faults here can lead to a drop in vehicle performance, increased fuel consumption, and potentially crippling engine problems.

We can repair or replace your existing exhaust system with a new manufacturer standard muffler or performance minded extractor, as well as perform a range of modifications and upgrades to get most out of your vehicle.

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Air Conditioning

Comfortable driving in Australia during the warmer months practically requires a properly functioning air conditioning system. Your vehicle's air conditioning system can degrade during winter, however, as disuse allows it to develop leaks and cracks that affect its ability to cool your vehicle's cabin when it's needed.

David is fully qualified to service your vehicle's air conditioning system, from replacing damaged hosing and checking seals for leaks to re-gassing your air con unit, ensuring it's primed to keep you cool all summer long. 

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Clutch & Transmission

If your vehicle's having trouble staying in gear or changing gears, or if you notice strange smells or noises coming from underneath the car, it's likely to mean a problem with your vehicle's clutch or transmission.

At McCoy St Auto Repairs, we're able to give your whole drivetrain a comprehensive service, from clutch pedal and cable to repairing or replacing your vehicle's manual or automatic transmission, saving you more expensive repairs later.

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Keeping your vehicle's engine at a safe operating temperature is important to maintaining your vehicle's good health. An overheating engine can result in fairly sizable drops in power at best, and a costly engine rebuild at worst.

Our team can keep your cooling system in top condition, with repairs and replacements for your vehicle's radiator and heater units as required, as well as thermostat checks and replacements, and a coolant flush to clear your coolant lines of any blockages or clogs.

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As cars become more and more sophisticated, with a greater focus placed on onboard electronic systems, your dashboard can become a daunting display of blinking warning lights and indicators. It's not always clear what your vehicle might be trying to tell you about its problems, only that without the right attention your vehicle could be taken off the road at any moment.

Luckily the team at McCoy St Auto Repairs is equipped with the latest diagnostic scan tools, which will help isolate issues with your vehicle before they become real problems. Whether your vehicle is trying to tell you it has an oil shortage or a transmission problem, we can systematically check your vehicle for whatever ails it. We also stock and install a wide range of batteries for vehicles, keeping your vehicle's auto-electrical system in working order.

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